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Estrogen heavy emotion-full love.
Dream catchers spun creators.
We are already all we need.
Your sacrifices were not in vain.
And your nurturing presence
is being called upon once again.
Make your voices heard,
Your presence known.
Your involvement is essential.
The time has come.

Dear Women,

This mix has been a labor of love to say thank you, to you. Hopefully it also serves to remind you of how great you are. It is my soundtrack love letter to you. Songs of feeling and meaning from the lens of our shared perspectives.  Acknowledging the variety of experiences that you are faced with everyday. From countries spanning the globe, these sisters voices touch hearts with their melodies and poetry. Beacons of light who are humble in their strength. The underground movements. The revolution that is not being televised.

Let me introduce you to this one mixtape village of women:

First, we meet Imani Cezanne from San Diego, California. Her poem “To the DJ’s” personally spoke to me about music’s ability to create social movements and communicate messages. It’s accompanied by the soulful humming of Angelique Kidjo from Benin. Kidjo’s a legend and mother to many.

We then journey through the Sahara to hear Natacha Atlas from Egypt. Sahara meets Scandinavia as Coco O. from Denmark enters.

The spiritual soul sister, Jennifer Johns from Oakland, California, joins in with a chant and phases into the powerful poetry of Thobs The Zulu Queen from South Africa.

As we continue this musical trail we are introduced to the eastern sounds of Kiran Ahluwalia from India by way of Canada and New York.

Gasandji from the Democratic Republic of Congo is another nomad who joins our musical tribe. Her journey has touched the lands of Congo BrazzavileCameroon, and the Central African Republic before becoming a local in Paris.

Flamenco feelings follow with Buika from Spain before we are swept away to Madagascar to dance with Lala Njava.

A trip back up north with Fatoumata Diawara from Mali by way of Côte d’Ivoire and France whisks us away with her desert blues.

We swing back south to Zimbabwe to experience the hypnotic soulful grooves of Piwai. From there we head to Morocco and listen to the emotion-filled crooning of the mesmerizing Oum.

Our path then leads us to Cameroon to hear the african guitar strumming of Kareyce Fotso before heading to Portugal to talk about love with Sara Tavares.

Samba vibes in Cape Verde with Mayra Andrade, another nomad who lived in Angola, Cuba, Senegal and Germany.

We then dance to the Garifuna drumming with Sofia Blanco from Guatemala before heading down to Brazil with Sabrina Malheiros.

We slow things down to meditate with Gigi from Ethiopia, before heading to England with a somber melody by Laura Mvula.

The late Japanese singer, Maki Asakawa, treats us to her powerful bass-filled vocals before we fall in love again in Algeria with the Spanish-singingSoha.

Up next is lovely Naima Shalhoub, a Lebanese-American by way of Sierra Leone, who reminds us to reflect on freedom and borders.

On to some french neo-soul with a touch of Chad courtesy of Les Nubians. From there, we journey deep into a pair of haunting yet soothing songs by Daymé Arocena from Cuba and Nombongo of South Africa.

We hear an Australian indigenous lullaby by Emma Donovan before heading to Nigeria to experience the powerful lyricism of Nneka.

As we wrap things up, we hear the nurturing voice of Nawal from Comoros and finally the hopeful longing of Susana Baca from Peru.

I hope this collection of feminine voices nurtures your soul, as they have mine.


DJ Tsedi

Track List

  1. Imani Cezanne – To the DJ’s

  2. Angelique Kidjo – Afia

  3. Natacha Atlas – Rah

  4. Coco. O (Boom Clap Bachelors) – Løb Stop Stå

  5. Jennifer Johns – I am the One

  6. Thobs the Zulu Queen – I Remember

  7. Kiran Ahluwalia – Vo Kuch

  8. Gasandji – Na Lingui Yo (remix)

  9. Buika – Culpa mia

  10. Lala Njava – Pardon à l’Afrika

  11. Fatoumata Diawara – Bissa

  12. Piwai – Zhara

  13. Oum – Taragalte

  14. Kareyce Fotso – Lomdieu

  15. Sara Tavares – One Love

  16. Mayra Andrade – Turbulensa

  17. Sofia Blanco – Yunduha Weyu

  18. Sabrina Malheiros – Connexão

  19. Gigi – Enoralehu

  20. Laura Mvula – She

  21. Maki Asakawa – Tokyo Elegy

  22. Soha – Mil Pasos

  23. Naima Shalhoub – Borderlands

  24. Les Nubians – Saravah

  25. Daymé Arocena – Nino

  26. Nombongo – Zizwe

  27. Emma Donovan – Lullaby

  28. Nneka – Mind vs. Heart

  29. Nawal – Hima

  30. Susana Baca – Luna Llena

Tsedal Agidew