Tsedi is a Singer/Songwriter and DJ who currently resides in Oakland, California. As a first generation immigrant - born in Kenya, then moving to Ethiopia before eventually migrating to the United States - she embodies the nomadic lifestyle and identifies as a Third Culture Kid. Tsedi's musical approach is diverse and much like her background, inspired by movement and the nuances of culture. Drawing from a variety of genres including reggae, gospel, soul, afro-house, jazz and hip-hop, she uses fusion to express her nomadic musical stories.

Tsedi grew up singing in the church and at the age of six she wrote her first song.  As a DJ, she loves searching and finding new music and is fascinated by how people respond to sound. Apprenticed under Juan G. curator of Digging4Gold, Tsedi came to discover her Selecta soul. She has headlined events such as The Pan African Family Reunion, SKIN, Mondial Afrique, Black Diamond Nights. Performed at The Umoja Festival and has opened for such acts as Grammy Award winner Victor Duplaix and Ethiopian music legend Tewodros Tadesse.




Photographer:  JG Photography

Artist: Tsedi

Location: Gondar, Ethiopia 2015