I'm Learning...

Sometimes i sit and Thank God for the marvelous workings of the Internet... Truly, it's amazing how much you can learn by just directing ur online energy towards things that grow you. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my days where i stare at the Netflix countdown knowing full well that I'm in a losing battle... But on my better days, I'm in class at Youtube University and reading all these books we refer to as blogs, learning about copyright, licensing, Performing Rights Organizations, and Podcasting my way through anything 'Indie Artist' related. It's really such a blessing! 

In my goal list last year I stated that I would have my EP out on 7/7/17 Awesome date for a first release right!!? (Chronixx thought so too πŸ’“p.s. if you haven't heard his new album yet please pause reading this to go on over to Spotify and move out from the rock you have been living under) But yeah, I soon discovered that there was still so much to be learned when it came to the business side of putting out music in that 'legit' manner. To complicate things a bit further, I had also quit social media that year, so I didn't have an online platform to even get the word out. 2017 ended up turning into somewhat of a Music Business Bootcamp, and I have been learning a lot! It's beginning to seem to me that when you're in a learning season, it's never just for one area of life is it? but errythang! I have been learning, growing and stretched to capacity in all areas of my life and I can feel the heat of the Refiners fire, but in due time I trust I'll come out like gold. As 2017 turns it's last corner, I'm still hustling to get everything in alignment, working on staying present and not hopping into 2018 before it arrives. There is still much to come, and until then I'll be meditating on Zechariah 4:10 - Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.

Every little step counts and if we just keep stepping, we gonna get there.